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The Most Advanced Mobile Interactive Robotic Technology In The World …From The Minds Of International Robotics, Inc.

When being the best matters the most; the IRI-Millennia Robot is the solution to your mission for capturing the attention and respect of today's more sophisticated consumer and business audiences.

This stunning new Robotic Spokesperson is presently the most advanced computerized and programmable mobile interactive robotic technology of its kind in the world. It is designed for those discriminating clients whose public image requires that they communicate their message with great impact, while demonstrating their own ability to speak openly and intimately with their target audiences.

The primary advantages of the MILLENNIA Robot are;

• a) it offers extraordinarily fluid body movements
• b) is fully programmable, able to perform automated show sequences triggered remotely by IRI's proprietary wireless control systemc) capitalizes successfully on the growing interest for robotic servants and intelligent machines.
• c) is operated by IRI's skilled entertainers, using IRI's trademark Robot-to-People Behavioral Psychology. In other words, we are there to entertain, but we also know how to bond with your audiences to reflect favorably upon your products, ideas and services.

Such is the science we call Techno-Marketing™
The engineering sophistication of Millennia, is also coupled with:
- quality of workmanship
- advanced intelligent motors
- proprietary motion-control software
- The unparalleled miniaturized wireless remote control system which enables your operator to control Millennia transparently while in full view of your audiences.
All amount to a package which is ready to take on the most demanding 21st Century audiences. While operating your Millennia Robot, your trained operator can selectively access a number of pre-set programs (called "macros"), which might enable Millennia to launch into a fully automated product presentation at a trade show, deliver a script on stage, recite a poem, perform a song and dance routine, always accurately, always on cue, and with all voice, body movements, sound effects and musical segments being supplied by the powerful onboard computer.

Millennia is able to defy the laws of human engineering and perform animations well beyond the capabilities of the human body. This will always create the woah factor which will Of course, during such the live shows, your operator has the added advantage of being able to call on a multitude of preprogrammed show sequences ("macros") from the wireless control system, which can greatly enhance his or her performance.
The Most Advanced Mobile Interactive Robotic Technology In The World - Daily Rental Price:

1 – 2 $5,500.00
3 – 5 $5,100.00
6 – 13 $4,400.00
14 + $4,100.00