Robot Security Guard

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Looking for a 24 hour guard that never sleeps, always stays alert. Imagine this baby on your front lawn, I am sure you would draw stares from the neighbors !

The robot uses pattern-recognition technology to sort out fleshy targets from nonhuman objects. It doesn't necessarily shoot first and ask questions later; it can 
be programmed to warn intruders to surrender (or else be shot). You can exert control via joystick and touch screen. 
The weapons systems have been modified to shoot paint balls or can be designed to spray foam or tear gas. 

This robot sentries can identify and shoot at target automatically from over two miles away, have enough land ?
The system uses twin optical and infrared sensors to identify targets from 2.5 miles in daylight and around half that distance at night. It has a microphone and speakers
so that passwords can be exchanged.  If the password is not accepted the robot can either sound an alarm or fire at the target. So always speak loud and clear !

œ System is composed of surveillance& tracking section.
œ Surveillance mission is operated while the tracking action.
œ Video motion detection-panorama or pre-set S/W is available
œ Intruder recognition and identification using xoom-in.
œ Applied EM-CCD with ultimate low light level camera.
œ Various non-lethal weapons mounted on the platform, depending on specific missions.
œ Guaranteed high shooting accuracy with precision devices
œ Operated and controlled by console with joystick (zoom-in/out,pan/tilt) and touch screen 

Please Call 800-MyRobot for more information on this product.