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Knows where it is; knows where it's going! Pays its way in 6-12 months! New Security Robot Doubles as Facility Operations Wi-Fi Robotic Assistant Amazing PatrolBot can integrate with buildings¡¯ central heating and cooling systems, security systems, air quality controls, wi-fi networks, and even lighting and power systems to provide valuable building services and emergency back-up. PatrolBot can also greet guests, guide them to their destinations or lead building tours. Once a PatrolBot scans its work areas, it travels automatically to perform tasks: mapping temperatures to improve central heating and cooling efficiency; measuring wi-fi signal strength to improve coverage; enabling security guards to remotely investigate several problems simultaneously, and carrying light, emergency supplies or other equipment into an unsafe or dark building. PatrolBot systems have been used at companies including Hewlett-Packard, Pfizer Global Research and Victoria¡¯s Secret. Security Applications ActivMedia Robotics PatrolBot is like no other security robot. This robot not only knows which sector it's in but shows you its precise location and orientation within +/- 2 inches. Integrated with facility or office video and audio surveillance systems, PatrolBot can: Enable remote observation from nearly any angle: Request verification when motion is detected in restricted areas Sound alarms when motion is detected in forbidden areas Report hazards such as high temperature or smoke Perform range gating Respond to alerts from the central control system Provide back-up during power outage or other system failure PatrolBots can carry 7kg of sensors and surveillance equipment, over 2cm cables, across 2cm sills and cords and up 15¢ª slopes in daylight or dark, connected to a central controller or on their own. New PatrolBots can travel through shallow puddles. The robots avoid obstacles; if a path is blocked they will attempt to find an alternative route to their destination. Cutting-Edge Technologies in ActivMedia Robots PatrolBot includes the revolutionary Laser Mapping & Navigation system shared by ActivMedia Robotics AGV¡¯s and other intelligent rovers. This system maps buildings on-the-fly and navigates to dynamically controlled building destinations with no retro-fitting, giving you a fleet of robots ready to head out at a moment¡¯s notice. Please call 800-MyRobot for more information on this product and ordering details.