Wall Climbing Robot Platform

Several generations of VRAM Mobile Robot Platform (VMRP) vehicles have...



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Several generations of VRAM Mobile Robot Platform (VMRP) vehicles have been developed to validate various concepts ranging from simple attraction-coupled-with-mobility, to planer transitioning, to multi-VMRP operations. End-users include, but are not limited to, law enforcement and security, forensics, toys, nuclear, and military. The VMRP embodies the following attributes. · Ease of Control: Single joystick control, variable attraction control, field programmability, operator controller unit · Autonomy: Capacity for on-board intelligence and sensors to monitor VMRP status & health, prevent foreseeable catastrophes, assist operator · Operational Flexibility: Negotiate a broad spectrum of vertical and inverted surfaces, as well as clear typical inherent protrusions · Planer Transitioning: Floor-to-wall and wall-to-floor. · Rugged & Robust: Various types of weather, endure typical field handling, semi-secure wireless communications, elegant failure with lost comm. link · Payload Capacity: Support video, microphones, proximity sensors, etc. · Speed & Endurance: Minimize operator time involved with completing tasks, sustain distance-time profiles for typical tasks · Low Noise: Minimized audible sound emission Please call 800-MyRobot for more information on this product and ordering details.