iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot 5900

The latest innovation from iRobot, the Scooba Floor Washing Robot performs...



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The latest innovation from iRobot, the Scooba Floor Washing Robot performs 4 different floor cleaning chores in just one pass. The Scooba is designed to prep, wash, scrub, and dry your hard floor surface all by itself! It is safe for most hard floor surfaces, including sealed hardwood, linoleum, tile and marble. The Scooba is designed to clean under furniture, tables, chairs and other hard to reach places all by itself. It is simple to operate: just fill the tank, press the clean button and make sure to empty the tank when Scooba is done cleaning your floors! 

  • Simple to operate: fill tank, press clean and empty tank when finished
  • Performs 4 cleaning methods in one pass: programmed to prep, wash, scrub, dry floors all by itself
  • Safe to use on most hard floors, including sealed hardwood, linoleum, tile and marble
  • Cleans under furniture, tables and hard to reach places 

    Don't you love the idea of having a robot mop your floors? It's possible — with Scooba™ Floor Washing Robot from iRobot®, makers of the incredibly popular Roomba® Vacuuming Robot! The amazing Scooba automatically executes all four cleaning steps in one single pass: One, it picks up dirt; two, it sprays on the cleaning solution; three, it scrubs with a spinning brush; and four, it vacuums and squeegees up all moisture and dirt into a separate tank — leaving hard floors squeaky clean and bone dry! AWARE™ robotic intelligence allows Scooba (like Roomba) to clean your entire floor — including under and around furniture — efficiently, automatically and without missing a spot. To keep Scooba from crossing an open area, use the included Virtual Wall®. Scooba will prep, wash, scrub and dry all kinds of hard floors — including tile, linoleum, marble and sealed hardwood*. One 45-minute cleaning cycle covers a standard size kitchen. Cordless Scooba is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery; a full charge yields 80 minutes of cleaning power. The included Virtual Wall runs on 2 D batteries (order separately). Includes a free 8-oz. bottle of cleaning concentrate. 
    Additional Clorox® Scooba™ Hard Floor Cleaner is available in a 32-oz. bottle. Measures 3 1⁄2" x 14 1⁄2" across; weighs 9 lbs. One-year warranty. *Not suitable for unsealed wood floors or laminate wood flooring.