Robot Revolution Three-Pack

Ok we know these don't run on batteries or have servos but for little kids...



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Ok we know these don't run on batteries or have servos but for little kids they are a blast, remember the old days... 

Robot Revolution Three-Pack: includes the following: 

Robot Ratchet 
Robot Ratchet is a machine with a computer for a brain. Ratchet has sensors to perceive his environment. He is clever thanks to human beings who program him. His arms are high-powered interchangeable tools so he can do many difficult tasks. Ratchet even handles jobs too dangerous for people. He can deactivate bombs, climb into volcanoes and explore other planets. While robots originally existed only in science fiction, today thousands of robots are busy around the world. Unlike Robot Ratchet, most work in factories and consist of just one arm on a metal block. They perform one job over and over again. Robots are well suited for their jobs because they never get tired, bored or afraid. 

Android Alpha 
An android is a robot with two arms, two legs and a human-like head. While robots are real, androids exist only in science fiction. Android Alpha represents one of these complex mechanical beings. He is friendly, caring and always helpful. With great strength and intelligence, Android Alpha will always complete his mission. On any assignment you give him, Android Alpha must obey the three Laws of Robotics. Created by author Isaac Asimov, these imaginary rules are (1) a robot may not allow a person to come to harm, (2) a robot must obey orders and (3) a robot must protect itself. These laws might work well in the future when real robots are intelligent enough to understand them. 

Cyborg Sigma 
Cyborg Sigma is part human and part machine. He has super human powers because his machine parts are able to do things better than the human parts they replaced. Cyborg Sigma has an interchangeable arm that enables him to drill, carry heavy loads and perform any specialized job. His cranial visor attaches to his robotic eye giving him telescopic and microscopic vision. Although cyborgs do not really exist, there are many people in the world today with mechanical parts such as hearing aids, artificial limbs or pacemakers implanted in their hearts. In the future, maybe we will replace any worn out body part with superior robotic components. Perhaps Cyborg Sigma will become a reality. For ages 4 and up