Remote Control T-Rex

Imagine the power and might of the long lost Tyrannosaurus Rex, the most...



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Imagine the power and might of the long lost Tyrannosaurus Rex, the most feared predator of all the dinosaurs, in your hands! You can now bring this mighty beast back to life with realistic animation you control!

Watch and be amazed with this full function infra-red R/C dinosaur that uses state of the art sound technology. This is the ultimate 3D remote control motion.

Remote control with operating instructions performs:
•Eyes blink, head moves, shouting
•Head goes up and side to side
•Neck and head fully raised, blinking eyes and deep howling
•Deep breathing
•Head moves sideways, jaws open and close
•Footstep sound
•ON/OFF switch
•Push forward to walk right
•Push forward to walk left

This holy terror has fantastic realistic walking motion! Make him walk, roar and wreak havoc through an advanced infrared remote control shaped like dinosaur bones.

Remote control has 4 exciting dinosaur sounds. Dinosaur R/C devotees will be roaring over this radio-controlled Tyrannosaurus Rex as he growls and roars, moves his head, thrashes his tail, and blinks his beady yellow eyes.

T-Rex is 12 inches tall and 21 inches from nose to tail, with textured, flexible brown rubber skin that bends and moves. Skin texture feels like the real thing.

Requires six AA batteries (not included).
Recommended for ages 4+