iBOTZ QuadraBotz Kit

A super walking programmable Robot with 'eyes' that sense light and...



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A super walking programmable Robot with 'eyes' that sense light and obstacles. QuadraBOTZ™ comes with excellent educational PC software and can be programmed to walk on any smooth surface and respond to light and obstacles using a simple intuitive BASIC.

Supplied with a CD Rom containing fully illustrated constructional details, operating principles, circuits, and a superb animated audio/visual programming tutorial. Also included are a range of test routines which show oscilloscope traces of the sensor signals and the motor control current.

Two way communication with the PC is via a serial port connection (lead is supplied).

The software is very well designed and fun to use, allowing you to experiment with different 'gaits' (Walking Movements) and to set and control individually the three motors, beeper sounds, light sensors, and obstruction detectors.

Initially pre-loaded with a program that beeps, seeks light, and avoids obstacles, QuadraBOTZ ™ can be reprogrammed to perform in many different ways. Programs can be developed step by step with the PC lead connected before being loaded into QuadraBOTZ ™'s memory for 'free-running'.

Includes CD ROM, full set of chassis parts, pcb and all components, hardware, three motor/gearboxes, nuts, screws, fixings, serial lead, and battery boxes (uses 4 AA batteries (not included).