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Now you can talk to your friends over one of the most secure long-distance...



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Now you can talk to your friends over one of the most secure long-distance transmission types available, a laser beam! Our new laser beam communicator allows you to talk with great fidelity to your friends up to a 1/4 mile away just using a pocket laser pointer. The transmitter uses a microphone or external audio to modulate a laser beam on and off at a rate of more than 16kHz so the audio fidelity is much better than that of a telephone. A telephone is limited to 3kHz, the LBC6K is limited to 6kHz. The receiver includes filtering to remove the 16kHz carrier and leave behind the high quality audio, and then boosts the level for use with earphones. To improve the fidelity of the system the transmitter employs audio AGC on the microphone to boost weak audio, and reduce loud audio so that the listener never misses a word said! Each kit includes a transmitter and receiver, and pocket laser pointer. This gives you a complete one-way audio path. If you need full duplex, or two way, buy two, and you'll have a simultaneous two way audio path! Receiver and transmitter are designed to fit in two pieces of 2" PVC pipe for easy mounting and alignment. Each runs on a standard 9V battery, DC adapter (our AC125) or AC adapter (not included). Audio output drives a standard personal stereo headset. Your friends will be amazed when they see you talking over that red laser beam!