Blinky - Eyes Animated Display

The ultimate animated LED kit that will dazzle you and delight your...



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The ultimate animated LED kit that will dazzle you and delight your friends! Uses a microcontroller to randomly select from many different animations such as a long pause before a wink, or a twinkle of the eye to startle passers-by. A perfect kit if you want to light up a costume, window, or pumpkin with a scary repertoire of modes!

Four modes to satisfy any enthusiasts desires: 1. Off for long random periods, then blinks or winks. Designed to scare! 2. On for long periods before performing an animation, perfect for costumes and displays! 3. Animates all the time for constant motion, perfect display attention-getter. 4. Random fire! When placed in a pumpkin will light the pumpkin like there was a fire within! Truly awesome!

As if this weren't enough, the BE66 can also control a small hobby motor to shake bushes at random intervals or signal an external player to make a scary sound! Also has a CDS cell to sense light. In one mode the display will dim as it gets dark for battery operation, and the other it will turn off when too bright so it plays only in darkness! (No boring, do-nothing twinkle kit here! You have to see it to believe it!)