LEDS1C High Power LED Strobe Kit

Everyone has seen Xenon stroboscopes "stop" a spinning quarter or flash to...



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Everyone has seen Xenon stroboscopes "stop" a spinning quarter or flash to music. Now you can get the same effect without the expense and hassle of high voltage Xenon tubes! That's right, a strobe without a Xenon flash tube to break! The price of super bright LEDs keeps falling as their light output keeps increasing, making them affordable for everything from traffic signals to vehicle tail lights... and now flashing strobe lights! A plug-in 3x3 array of super bright Telux LED s creates a brilliant sharp flash just like a Xenon flash tube. The LEDs can also be mounted directly on the main PC Board if desired. In the standard flash mode, a variable rate control varies the flash frequency from approx 1 to 220 flashes per second. In the audio sync mode, the flash is triggered by any audio input you provide into the standard RCA audio input connector. Built-in low and high pass filters allow you to select either bass or treble music triggering! An external trigger in/out connector lets you connect multiple units together for simultaneous flash. Optional plug-in display boards with 8 (LEDS8) or 20 (LEDS20) LEDs are available for even more strobing power! Just imagine surrounding your room with a few of these, triggered to your stereo! Runs on 12-15 VDC, and unlike the high voltage Xenon strobes of the past, the LEDS1 is safe for the kids to build! Order our AC125 AC Power Supply for a simple plug in power connection.