ICI2C Infrared Audio Control Interface Kit

We took our ICI1 IR Switch Control Interface and went one step further!...



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We took our ICI1 IR Switch Control Interface and went one step further! What if you want to control the audio level of something and there is no existing remote control function? Now it's simple! The ICI2 simply goes in line with any audio source to give you full variable control with ANY existing IR remote control! Dual channels with separate controls give you the option of stereo or two separate audio sources! Using the same Motorola microcontroller brain as the ICI1, the ICI2 learns the IR code from any existing IR remote controller. An IR photodiode detects the IR remote and provides a variable up/down control of your audio source. The ICI2 has dual RCA line level input and output connectors on the rear panel for easy connection. Connect it in line with your audio component and you re all set! Check out our ICI1 if you're looking to control on/off functions like lights, fans, etc. Also check out our new ICI16 that provides a digital 4-bit output for customized applications! At Ramsey, we give you full control...of your remote control! Operates on 7-15VDC or our optional AC125 power adapter. (One of our guys runs his 2-meter and 440MHz amateur receivers into his house intercom, and separately controls the volume!)