DTMF Controller Interface Kit

This microprocessor controlled DTMF decoder fits the bill for multiple...



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This microprocessor controlled DTMF decoder fits the bill for multiple applications. Remotely control almost any device with the built-in relay circuitry. The DCI1C continually monitors your phone line (or just about any other DTMF audio source) and look for the proper user programmed security code. Once it is heard, the user may select which of the trigger relays to turn on or off (2 or 4 outputs, model dependant). Feedback tones from the DCI are then sent back over the line to confirm your selection. No more wondering if your commands are carried out as is commonly found with other similar devices! Now you can call home and, when your answering machine picks up, control lights, security systems, or just about any number of other custom applications! The DCI1C is a slim line unit with four 5 Amp (1250VA AC/150W DC) relay outputs, each with its own sure grip screw terminal. Requires 9-18VDC at 300 mA. Our standard AC125 110VAC power adapter is available. The matching case & knob set is included to make your kit look professional and attractive in any setting.