PG13 Plasma Generator Kit

This new kit was conceived by one of our engineers that likes to play with...



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This new kit was conceived by one of our engineers that likes to play with things that can generate large, loud sparks, and other frightening devices. During the process of looking for parts for one of his latest experiments he discovered how difficult it was to find a high voltage transformer that met his requirements. Well, we had a super unit designed expressly for us! This is one heck of a neat kit! Hey, it really serves no purpose other than producing stunning lighting displays, drawing big sparks, scaring the neighbors and performing lots of high voltage experiments. We took a regular clear Decora style light bulb and connected it to the PG13 - WOW! A storm of sparks, light tracers and plasma filled the bulb. Holding your hand on the bulb doesn't hurt a bit and you can control the discharge! It can also be used for powering other experiments; let your imagination be your guide! The high voltage at the terminal won't electrocute you, so it's relatively safe, but it can burn you, so use caution. Requires 16VDC but can also be run from 5-24VDC so the output voltage can be directly adjusted. Power supply not included. For full output order our PS21 16V power supply. This is for advanced experimenters only! Not for the faint of heart! (Unless you buy our ECG1C Electrocardiogram Heart Monitor Kit, then it's OK!)