SBRGB1 SMT Multi Color Microprocessor Blinky Kit

Don't let the old title "blinky" scare you away from this marvelous little...



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Don't let the old title "blinky" scare you away from this marvelous little kit! It was originally designed as a way to show off the latest technology in RGB (Red, Green, Blue) full color LEDs while providing kit builders with a fun and economical SMT practice kit. Uses PWM methods to generate any color with a simple 8-pin microcontroller, with switchable speed selection as well! The dual jumper control system tells the microprocessor what scanning speed is desired for a full cycle of 16,777,216 possible colors from the LED! It randomly selects different color scanning modes to wow any observer to the point of distraction. This little attention getter is fun to build and has loads of possible applications. The SBRGB is a perfect attention getter for sales displays, name badges, and beanies. perates from 6VDC to 12VDC, and will run continuously on a standard 9V battery for several days! And if you re new to SMT technology, don t worry, we include extra SMT components to cover your mistakes! You may wonder why you would pay 30 bucks for a blinky kit! Wait till you see the LED smoothly change colors in front of your eyes! (30 bucks is nothing, if you only knew what the development costs were!) Note: This kit utilizes Surface Mount Technology components. These are extremely small, and require small tweezers, magnifying glasses, and proper soldering irons.