Electronic Cricket Sensor Kit

With the incredible popularity of the "Electronic Dripping Faucet" kit, we...



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With the incredible popularity of the "Electronic Dripping Faucet" kit, we figured we had to come up with something equally unique! Well, this one is unique...to say the least! How about an electronic cricket? Sounds just like those little black critters that seem to come from nowhere and annoy you with their chirp-chirp! But like the little critters, we made it sensitive to temperature so when it gets warmer, it chirps faster! That s right, you can even figure out the temperature by the number of chirps it generates! Just count the number of chirps over a 15 second interval, add 40, and you have the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit! Not as fancy as a digital thermometer, but not as unique either! And unlike its little black predecessor, the ECS1 operates from around 50°F to 90°F! I don t think there are too many real crickets chirping away at 90°F! A unique thermistor circuit drives a few 555 IC s providing a variable chirp that is guaranteed to annoy everyone around you! But just watch their faces when you tell them the temperature outside! Runs on 9-12VDC or a standard 9V battery (not included). Includes everything shown, including the speaker and battery clip, to make your cricket project a breeze. (If it drives you nuts, you probably can squish it under your feet to make it stop...but that voids the warranty!)